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How to Maximise Impact for Your Small Business

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

I'm a big believer of hustling smart because hard work can only bring the business so far. To create high impact for your small business, read on for tips and insights.

For a small business to achieve high impact, it's important to be agile, have a laser vision of where it wants to be and be disciplined in executing quality work day in day out. I don't always succeed in hitting all three points but I keep at it for as many days I can, in hope of raising the overall average.


Here are some ways you can create a high impact for your small business:


🎯 Gain clarity of what your priorities are. Don't let busy work mislead you into thinking you're doing the most important work for your business. Get clear what activities are most critical and ensure you're focusing on them enough.


🎯 Strategise and align your activities with your priorities and goals. Find the best way to do your important work and keep refining that strategy. Track that your efforts are always on purpose.


🎯 Plan for downtime. Making time to recharge will give you the rejuvenation and inspiration you need to bring your business to the next level. Do things that refuel and nourish your mind, body and soul.


🎯 Have contingency plans. Know what can go wrong, how to prevent issues and how to remedy problems when they happen. The better you're at "fire" prevention and fighting, the more easily your business can operate without disruption.


🎯 Create buffers for opportunities, issues, organisation and celebration. Make sure there's room in your day to day to jump onto new opportunities, solve unexpected issues, organise your business or celebrate recent milestones.

Which of the above would you apply to your everyday after reading this post?

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